Sweet Swine County's Television Station, KLUK TV click on any of their logos to see each episode!

OSP/Destination Small Town has long had a agreement with Cousin  John owner of KLUK TV to feature many of the shows that have taken Sweet Swine County by storm! Now OSP is excited to share the best of these shows in syndication throughout OSP's viewing area. Here you will find ALL the episodes of the soap opera saga "As the Corn Grows" first aired on TV over a eight year run. Also you will see many KLUK TV talk shows that not only interview Sweet Swine County citizens but because so little happens in their county interview guests for outside Sweet Swine County. So sit back and binge all the shows that have long dominated the airways of Sweet Swine County. Cousin John, owner of KLUK TV was quoted as saying: “If Netflix can do it, we can too!”