Sweet Swine County- Events & Activities

New Pork holds the famous Annual Running of the Pigs Weekend, this annual event citizens for throughout Sweet Swine County take part in a weekend that includes the crowning of Miss New Pork, the annual reunion of the 60’s group “The Pork Chops” and of course the Running of the Pigs. Held in the town of New Pork this event boasts not one injury in their 16 year run, by man nor swine!

Split Hoof is perhaps best known for Eggstock, A Music and Exotic Chicken Festival which is held at Swine Song Commune sponsored by Sweet Swine businessman Cousin John. When asked about her thoughts about the festival, local resident Aunt Minnie told Sweet Swine Scoop: “I can’t think of anything more exciting than a festival combining music and chickens. Cousin John is a genius!

You may remember the band that took the town of Horse Fly in Sweet Swine County by storm in the mid-1980s broke up when lead lip-syncher, Buster Jones (The Big Porker), insisted that fellow band-mates accept his girlfriend Betty Thompson (Cooking it Up with Betty host) into the band. After a much-publicized fight ensued over the influence Thompson had in the songs selected were lip-synching to, The Big Porker left the band in a lippy huff to pursue a solo career in Europe. Differences were ironed out when the entire band reunited for a benefit concert to raise money for Earl Silo's (Cautious Chicken Party) presidential campaign! Silo lost his bid for president but joined the band and now the original Lip-Synchers perform in the town were it all started " Horse Fly" every October with solo lip-syncing performances by Betty Thompson and Earl Silo!

Located in the center of Sweet Swine County, Swine Lake was the home of Aunt Ella, Sweet Swine County's most famous citizen. When in town be sure to take in Aunt Ella’s 3-D Farm Tour! Made possible by Escape Sweet Swine Bus Company tourist will drive by the farm of Sweet Swine’s most famous citizen, Aunt Ella, located outside the Town of Swine Lake. The Tour includes a slow, three-mile drive down the road that leads to Aunt Ell’s farm –and 3-D glasses are included!