Sweet Swine County is located in the center of the Midwest, the exact location is a mystery. With a population of 163 Sweet Swine County continues to grow mostly because of the hippies moving into the commune!

Visitors to Sweet Swine will find points of interest that include the "Corn Cob Hall of Fame", "Sweet Swine County Outhouse", "Sounds from the Barnyard Museum", "Swine Song Commune" and of course the internationally famous "Sweet Swine County Museum" Visitors can attend events that include "Aunt Ella’s 3-D Farm Tour", "The Annual Running of the Pigs Weekend", "Eggstock: A Music and Exotic Chicken Festival" and the "Annual Lip-Synchers  Reunion Concert".  Here you will find all you want to know about the county that no one can find.

The Towns of Sweet Swine County

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Sweet Swine County is best known for it's hit soap opera As the Corn Grows! Though it's referred to as a soap opera it's more of a reality show because it tells the story of the citizens of Sweet Swine County who live and love as the corn grows! Now the producers (KLUK TV) have put together a new series of highlights called Kernels of Corn! 


Talk on the street is they may be making a radio version of this corny classic!