Sweet Swine County - Political Parties

Here you will find the four political parties that national headquarters are located in Sweet Swine County. Though these organizations have seldom found anyone willing to represent their party in 2016 all four Sweet Swine County political parties had candidates who ran for president, all left the race in disgrace as shared on KLUK TV.

Prairie Ann Smacovich GULLIBLE GILT PARTY presidential political ad

Earl Silo CAUTIOUS CHICKEN PARTY presidential political ad

Lawyer Ed  COMB-OVER PARTY presidential political ad

 Ronnie P Silage Hasty Boar Party presidential political ad

In 2016 KLUK TV reluctantly aired the only debate held in Sweet Swine County for president. Though Clinton, Trump and Lawyer Ed were no-shows political pundits from throughout the county agreed the three parties represented truly spoke to the issues important to Sweet Swine constituents! 

Here you will find KLUK TV coverage of the shocking demise of the four candidates from Sweet Swine County  who ran for president in 2016!