Sweet Swine County - Points of Interest

While some minor renovations need to be made the Sweet Swine County Museum it has long been a landmark in the town of Split Hoof! The much visited museum fell into disrepair after county poet lariat, Ronnie P. Silage, was hired as caretaker a few years ago. When asked why the condition of the museum has deteriorated under his purview, Silage matter-of-factly told Sweet Swine Scoop, "Listen, when I got this job I was told it would only require washing a few windows and sweeping once in a while. Well, I am here to tell you, I found out if you don't keep up with things they can get out of hand real fast!"

Lola Leftover, Sweet Swine County Museum curator on KLUK TV's The Women of Sweet Swine County

The historic Sweet Swine County Courthouse was  purchased and moved to the town of High Horse in 1937. Originally located on a farm owned by Rupert Olson (father of Sweet Swine County's most successful businessman John Olson). Rupert used the  two story brick building to house a herd of camels, but after losing the farm sold the building for the original cost of $132. Unfortunately because the windows and doors worked perfectly for his cabin on Swine Lake they were not included in the sale! The county plans to purchase these extras as soon as they have a quorum of members at a county meeting! Because the county hasn't had a quorum in the last 80 years they allow  a local 8-track repair company to use the building to store their overstock!

SSC Museum announced they have acquired the Sweet Swine County Outhouse Library! Originally located in the Sweet Swine town of High Horse this outhouse was quite popular with Sweet Swine County residents offering (within sitting-reach) three shelves packed full of books. Readers of all ages were able to read a novel, picture book or magazines. Though books couldn't be checked out, regular Outhouse Library visitors enjoyed this quiet place to read and yes you could lock the door! Though it is no longer in working order the exhibit is sure to bring back good memories! The picture of the library is a artist rendering, the real outhouse needs to be cleaned up a bite before delivery!

Nestled along the bluffs on the west side of Sweet Swine County, Cow Pie Ridge is the home of the "Corn Cob Hall of Fame." You can be photographed with Corn Cob Elvis (who will never leave the building, we promise!), Corn Cob Nixon and Corn Cob Liberace, as well as Sweet Swine County’s own Aunt Ella and Cousin John and many more. With over 3,952 corn cobs are on display there. Many have been fashioned out of wood and other objects, then painted by Sweet Swine County jail inmates to look like corn cobs. The inmates receive compensation for their work and use their earnings to purchase more corn cobs so they can keep painting them to make more money – a well-thought-out process by the warden. The Corn Cob Hall of Fame is the happy beneficiary of this rehabilitative work!

Willow Brooks came across a ten-acre parcel of land one mile north of Swine Lake where she formed a hippy commune. Willow told The Daily Boar Newspaper, "I have always dreamed about a place were musicians, artists and hippy types could live together and share their passions--for the arts. Swine Song Commune is the answer to my dream! Artists have already started to arrive. All artists are welcome to join us at the commune where we can sing and dance and be cool together! It's all very exciting!"

Serving as suburb of New Pork, Corn Row is the home of the"Sounds From The Barnyard Museum" Kids and adults flock there in droves! Founded my Elmer Plow who felt petting zoos were to dangerous opened this one-of-a-kind museum offers recordings and live renderings of farm animal sounds dating from the present back to the 1940s.

Farm  Safety Expert Elmer Plow on KLUK TV's The Cocklebur Morning Show